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Pontoon Boat Accessories 

Welcome to Pontoon Expressions, your source for unique accessories for your new or used Pontoon boat.  We are now into our 9th year of providing unique products for the Float Boat community. This site will introduce you to the various products we offer that are specifically selected for the Pontoon boat experience. Pontoon boat dealer inquiries are welcome as well as individual owners looking for accessories for their boat.

Current products include:

  • Underdeck LED Multicolor Lighting   (RGB and PIXEL)  

  • Underwater LED Lighting

  • Wireless Bluetooth Audio Option

  • Aluminum Pontoon Flag

  • LED WHIP Flag 

  • LED Cup holder Rings and LED Speaker Ring Upgrades (Blue & RGB)

Evolution Golf Cart accessories

In 2023 Pontoon Expressions added some custom accessories for the current Evolution Pro, Pro + and Forester Golf Cart community.


Contact Information

Pontoon Expressions

Phone: 517-888-3721


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About Us 

Our business started many years ago because of a need we saw in the Float Boat community for value-added products for the pontoon boat dealers and individual pontoon boat owners. These are products that would bring the technology and conveniences of today into the pontoon boat experience. Our initial idea came late on a summer night in 2013 while we floated in our new Harris Pontoon.  

A feature on that boat that we liked was the blue-LED lighted cup holders.  We found on this dark night the glow of the 12 cup holders and six speakers to be too bright and a distraction for our eyes, we eventually shut them off.  As I did this,  I thought to myself,  "If only I could dim the lights."  That started my search for a dimmer for the LED cup holder lights, and after that, the ideas  just started flowing.

Our initial goal was to offer today’s technology upgrades that were either not available when you bought your pontoon boat or were options you did not get on that your new boat. Today, the Pontoon boat industry has grown and the manufacturers have incorporated LED lighting into many of their higher-end models.  For others who do not have and want LED lighting we are here to help. Interior lighting is always custom because of all the many variations. Undedeck lighting is pretty standard, easy to install and makes a great addition. My background is as an automotive engineer, so each product is evaluated and designed with consideration of the rigid industrial standards that I have learned over my years.

Our process is to offer products through existing pontoon boat dealers to complement their new boat sales. We also offer products in kit form,  for the   do-it-yourself person to install on their pontoon boat, offered through this WEB site. 

The Pontoon Boat manufacturers have advanced with LED Products over the last few years. Interior lighting is available on most models, so we have limited our offerings in that area. Contact us directly with your requirements for Interior Cupholder, Speaker rings, Etc. Underdeck and Underwater RGB lighting is typically an expensive option on the higher end boats. Our Underdeck and Underwater kits are a cost effective option for all of the Pontoon boat offerings. Our Pixcel Underdeck light kit is unique and to our knowledge none of the current boat manufacturers off this unique lighting option.

Happy floating!


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