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Evolution Cup Holder Upgrade

The current Evolution Pro, Pro Plus carts have plastic cup holders mounted to the rear arm rests. These cup holders are easily damaged or broken off. Some also consider them to be an obstruction because of their outward mounting location.

Our cup holder option provides an attractive and durable upgrade using high-end solid plastic cup holders from the boating industry. The cup holders come as an assembly and mount to the existing holes in the rear safety grab bar where the Golf bag mount would be attached. They can be mounted inward or on the outward side of the grab bar. You also get the added capability of a glowing LED ring (Amber, Green or Blue)  by attaching it to the rear license plate light wiring. Cup holders glow when the headlights are turned on. This mounting location provides for easy use, out of the way positioning and the rear seat folds down unobstructed. If using the Evolution Bag holder, then the Cup Holder may be reversed and accessed from the rear.

The Cup holder kit comes fully assembled. You simply attach with the stainless hardware provided, run the lighting cable down to the license plate light wires and use the quick connect connectors to connect to power.


Kit includes: Two LED Rim Cupholders mounted to a custom bracket, all hardware is Stainless Steel, wiring harness runs from cup holders and attaches to 12v power at bottom of grab bar, cable ties are used to secure wire harness to grab bar. 

Here's what we've been working on

Standard Plastic Evolution Golf Cart cupholders. 

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