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LED Interior Upgrades

Upgrade the Interior on your Pontoon boat with LED Lighting.

Let us put together an interior upgrade package of your making.

Think out the best possible lighting needs for your interior. 

Build your custom LED interior.

Count your speakers, note size.

How many cup holders, and their size.

Where else do you want lighting?

Make a drawing to share with us.

Components we can supply.

LED Speaker Rings (Blue & RGB) 6.5"

LED Cup Holders (Blue, Amber, RGB) 4" Plastic and Metal

Underseat LED Strips )Blue, Amber, RGB)

LED Spot Lights (Blue, Amber, RGB)

Mono Color Dimmer

RGB Controller (Several options)

We will design and assemble a custom package to light up your interior, 

including all components, wiring, connectors, everything.

You supply the installation labor.

We will tell you how to do it.

Contact us to discuss:


Product availability limited do to supply issues.

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