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Custom Golf Cart Lighting Package

Specifically engineered for current Evolution Models Pro, Pro-Plus and Forester

Lighting Manufacturer: Pontoon Expressions LLC located in Brooklyn Michigan has provided LED Lighting solutions to the Pontoon Boat Industry for over 10 years. The owner has two Evolution Pro-Plus models one in Michigan, one in Florida. We have used our expertise and our over seas suppliers to create the ultimate Lighting solution specifically engineered for the current Evolution Golf Carts. 


This is the only LED Lighting product available that is engineered specifically for these specific Evolution Golf carts.





Evolution Lighting Kit


Specifically engineered for current Evolution 

      Models Pro, Pro-Plus and Forester

This kit is designed to be installed by the Evolution dealer or by the end user in about two hours.  No electrical knowledge needed. Step by step instructions guide you through the process. The install is pretty bulletproof. You will spend some time on your back reaching up under the cart to tie wrap components, but that is as difficult as it gets.


The kit utilizes the latest Pixel (Dream) LED technology mounted in ten locations on the cart. Super bright with lots of functionality. Current kits on the market are typically RGB (Red/Green/Blue) solid changing colors.  This kit technology is Pixel/Dream. It has the standard  RGB plus  many flowing functions, Do-It-Yourself functions and a Music mode.


A Power wiring harness provides the connection for power, Relay, Fuse and an on/off switch that will mounted in the dash. A second wiring harness is used to tap into the Brake and turn-signal functions should you choose to use that functionality. There are two options for 12vdc power for this kit. Use 12vdc power on the Cart or connect to a separate Battery (Recommended).  User has this option if they are concerned about possible warranty issues by taping into cart power/battery system. Harnesses are provided for both methods.


Lighting Control is accomplished using Bluetooth Technology with a phone app, along with a supplied handheld RF remote. The controller provides standard RGBstatic color functions plus "style functions" (188+) for flowing lighting, color changing and rainbow effects. You can adjust speed and brightness.  You have a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) make your own pattern  color/chasing mode or set to beat to the  Music.


The controller provides the power and control to the Pixel LEDs. 

There are ten outputs (5 Right side, 5 Left side). The connection to the Brake and turn signals allow the controller to turn all lighting to RED when braking and Amber to the side turning (Safety feature).


The kit components include:

  • 2 Pre-cut glow strips for undercarriage Right & Left. 

  • 2 Pixel “Rock Lights” with 24 LEDs each for mounting in the front

  • 2 Pixel "Rock Lights" with 24 LEDs each mounted to aluminum strip for the rear lighting.

  • 2 LED Whips (3') mounted between the seats.

  • 2  Speaker Rings  (6.5”)with coordinating Pixel LEDs.

  • Custom Wiring harness with easy to connect Waterproof connectors

  • Detail instructions for step by step installation.

      By far the best lighting solution specifically engineered for current              Evolution Pro, Pro Plus and  Forester models.


Great fun, easy to install, excellent step by step  instructions, well designed and  engineered. Mount the 10 LED components, run the cables to the specified area,  connect the  connectors, tie wrap the cables, mount the on/off switch, that's it. Totally custom designed to my cart,  everyone notices and ask me about them. Could not be happier.

Michael E.

I was going to buy LED Glow RGB strip light package for far less money. Purchased this kit, wanted the Pixel technology. Better then I expected. Well thought out, exact fit,  easily connects. I chose to install a small second battery ($90 with charger on Amazon) so as not to have anything interfere with the cart Power/Battery system and my warranty.  The instructions explained it well.  Use my cart at night much more now.  I also feel safer at night because everyone will see me.

Billy A.

"For that WOW factor"

We purchased this kit for our 2021 Evolution Pro Plus. Looked at other options, most were cheaper but had very basic underglow lighting. This kit was custom designed specifically for my cart and installed easily and fit perfect.

 I took their advice and installed a separate battery to avoid any warranty issues. Very impressive, good choice. Everyone notices us at night and goes "Wow".

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